At Demetria Creative, it’s my goal to help your business succeed on the web.

Your business is flourishing, but you wish to add someone to your web design and marketing team that can assist you, relieving you of the technology headaches!

We can help with that!

Or maybe you are just starting your business and you need to create an entire brand and website from scratch.

We can help with that too!

 If your business already has an established website, you might wonder how to create a content marketing strategy so you can be visible on the web.

And, yes, we help with that!


Web design & branding

I don’t believe in a half-baked approach or giving you a false sense of hope for your online business by designing a logo, editing a template, and sending you on your merry way. Instead, I am here as your partner, each step of the way, to help you craft and develop a brand that supports your dreams as a business owner, consultant, or creative entrepreneur. I believe in your long-term success. I provide brand and website design consultation that includes competitor research and a brand strategy for your visuals. Then I go on to create your identity utilizing the best in typography and font assignment, color palette, and text-based logo design.

Once your branding is covered, I go on to take care of building you a website that attracts the right customers- then converts and sells. After our initial consultation, I’ll have a clear idea of what your website needs are. Your final website may include a custom logo, custom-styled pages, navigation menus, a brand board, custom contact forms, social sharing icons, and is mobile responsive. You’ll have a website you can be proud of that also converts!

digital marketing

I believe your website and brand is so much more than a face on the web: it’s a thriving online business with many parts working together to create a whole. In order to make sure your business is successful on the web, I’ve developed a digital marketing service that can help you with website optimization (helping you get seen and ranked in search engines), keyword research and placement (to give you that extra boost in being found online), and Google Analytics integration (to help you keep track of your web site stats and traffic progress). I can also help you with designing your social media graphics (Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest images) and even help you with audio editing and setting up your podcast in Itunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

When you join my digital marketing program, you’ll receive my content marketing guide as well as my site optimization best practices guide.

Web maintenance

Need extra help with keeping up your web pages after the design is complete? No worries- I won’t leave you hanging. My web maintenance service provides you peace of mind as I deal with plugin updates, theme updates and site backups. I can also be available to update your web pages – adding, editing, moving things around. Whatever you need as your business grows, I am here to support you.

business coaching

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. I get it. Asking your most pressing questions about online business by talking to an actual human being- a person who cares and wants to help- can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s why I offer business coaching sessions. I want to help you with any of your online business needs- from business research and brand discovery to keyword strategy and analysis. I can help you in a myriad of ways. Here are a few things we can talk through:

  • Getting clarity on your business goals
  • Discover your ideal client and customer avatar
  • Disover your unique brand voice
  • Create a content marketing strategy
  • Create a mailing list funnel
  • Grow a tribe of follower who need your services and products
  • Brainstorm ideas for brilliant offers and digital products
  • Create strategies for packaging digital products
  • Setting yourself up as an expert in your industry

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