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Hi, I’m Demetria- the face behind Demetria Creative, a web design boutique and coaching company serving creative entrepreneurs around the globe since 2004.

I specialize in offering business coaching for entrepreneurs, website design and brand identity,  content marketing services, podcasting helps, and coaching. 

I’m an intro-extrovert who loves design and coaching. I enjoy working together with amazing entrepreneurs to help you develop a digital business platform and beautiful brand that is optimized and discoverable by your niche market.

My goal is to make your business shine!

My Background

After earning a Masters in Interactive Technology in 2006, I began working hard to develop loving digital spaces for women creatives: artists, songwriters, authors, tv personalities, and online business owners.

I’ve been blogging and podcasting since the “early” days of its inception (2005) and creating websites for business owners, specifically in the female entrepreneur niche. I love working with women business owners- authors, life coaches, artists.

In 2006 I became a podcasting advocate  and formed the Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp, a virtual course which I created and taught to many business owners who then went on to create their own podcasts. I was picked up in the media for having produced the first teleseminar about podcasting for both business and ministry. This program was circulated by press release and picked up in several media outlets around the mid-southeast.

Today my heart is to design, coach, and mentor entrepreneur creatives helping you to piece together your web design, branding, and content marketing strategy for a successful digital business!

I enjoy working with creatives and women entrepreneurs, helping you succeed at launching and sustaining a profitable online business.

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