How to Use Podcasting To Help You Grow Your Business

Business marketing can be a challenge, and it’s quite tough to accomplish as an entrepreneur or small business without the help of outsourcing. One key to growing your business through online venues (and for -mostly- free) is through podcasting!

What’s this podcasting all about?

RSS feeds are an ever-growing, popular way to syndicate your material, whether by blog or podcasting. Ahh…but wait. What exactly is an RSS feed? What is an RSS feed and what is a podcast?

RSS stands for “real simple syndication” and is essentially the mechanism by which podcasts are delivered.

In another blog post I will be explaining more about RSS feeds and what they are, but for now, let’s focus on the end result of the RSS feed:

  • You syndicate your blog content
  • You syndicate your podcast content
  • Your content has more opportunity to be heard

Now let’s get into how podcasting can actually help your business marketing ventures.

Podcasting for Marketing

Once you have an RSS feed, it becomes that much simpler to promote your content on the web. Remember that syndication is the key to distributing your podcast (or blog) in ways that you never could online without it. Distributing by RSS feed is a viral way to ensure your content is being downloaded and listened to by people all over the world.

Once I’ve created my mp3 audio files, and created an RSS feed for my podcast, it’s now time to get the word out about my new podcast. This is the exciting part, and also the one key thing that can begin to bring in much more traffic to your online business. This is the whole premise of podcast marketing.

If you have a podcast, you have all the more opportunities on the web to distribute your content. This includes inbound marketing directly to your URL. This not only increases the visibility of your website by including more links back to your site, but it also sets you up an expert in your industry each and every time you develop an audio file (podcast) about your subject of expertise.

Another aspect of marketing your podcast besides increase of inbound links is that you may also include references to your organization services or products throughout the content of your podcast as well. So, now, as people are listening to your podcast they will begin to hear about what offerings you may have for them. What a great way to spread the news of your own business offerings! Think along the tunes of Spotify and ITunes and your opportunities to reach a large audience through listenership there.

And if you’re worried about being too sales-y, you can always deliver a soft pitch in a rather non-commercial way, but do make sure you promote your products and services throughout your podcast content.

If you’d like more information on podcasting or how to start your own, I may be able help you get started with this venture. Just reach out for more info and I’d be glad to show you how it all works.

About Demetria

Demetria is a web designer and marketing consultant based in the San Francisco Bay area. In her spare time she loves songwriting and coffee.