Family Impact

Family Impact, a Naperville, Illinios-based company, works with parents who want to enjoy raising their children. Family Impact assists church leaders to make that happen. Diane Overgard and Janice Rubin are authors of Let’s Talk Parenting, among other books, and are also speakers at several churches and professional organizations. They offer training resources, classes, and books specifically for the parent or church leader who wants to train others to form Parenting Groups in their neighborhoods, churches, and communities. Family Impact’s message is clear, strong, and loads of fun, as are the two ladies that make this company happen!

I developed their website in 2005 for the purpose of attracting the online community to their online classes and promote their parenting books. This site features a variety of stock photo images, a clean navigation, colorful and lively web graphics, funky text fonts, and interactive buttons. I created this site specifically to suit the personality of the people who make this awesome company happen.

Together, we devised a strategy to incorporate the art of relationship marketing into their internet marketing plan. Networking events and community outreach serve as a major cornerstone for their strategies and define who they are as a group. I also helped them to include list-building and blogging, and podcast production, and currently developed their digital videos for e-courses they were creating. Family Impact’s internet marketing strategy has allowed them to reach various customers in the U.S. as well as in Ethiopia and abroad.

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African American Homeschool Moms

African American Homeschool Moms

Andrea Thorpe is the founder of African American Homeschool Moms, a website created to serve as a place of encouragement and resources for Black homeschoolers.

Andrea already had a logo and website in place. My goal was to assist in optimizing her website in order to gain more visibility in search engines. I also offered effective ideas to help Andrea better reach her target audience.

After developing a search engine optimization plan of action based on keyword research, we watched the results of her website climbing much higher in search engine ranking over the course of 90 days. Today Andrea’s site ranks on the first page of search results for many of her relevant keywords.